All of us are on a journey. Setting targets, achieving goals, searching true relationships, making investments, reaping benefits, busy seeing our kids growing up, selecting careers and then moving on their desired or found paths, getting older, getting dependent on medications and one fine day departing on a new journey leaving behind all hard earned things, money and relationships.

Well if that is a journey, it is indeed an incomplete one.

So this niche is created to remind you that there is one more treasure that is being left behind and unattended.
And that is the real treasure because whatever you earn during the life time won’t have to be left behind. These things will move ahead with you in the next life.

So why not to collect those things that will be passed on with us.

This site is created keeping just one purpose in mind that there is one more journey that has to be covered either in this life or any other life. Coz the journey to the virtueless won’t move ahead without treading this path. So why not let both of these journeys continue simultaneously!

Krishna wants to remind us that there is something inside us that is waiting to be explored . just to make us aware that we are playing a game of snakes and ladders. Where the ladders are happiness and snakes are sorrow. But there is one more game to play and that is the real song of life. That is the real music of life because that is untouched by either happiness or sorrow.and this is called the game of bliss.

This game takes you on a voyage of peace, bliss and freedom . you can get involved in this game everyday during your free time. And it is all about you and yourself. Few moments just entirety yours where you can find yourself. Where you can know about the hidden treasures inside yourself.  Where you can know that the one standing in front of the mirror is not you but the real you is hidden behind this visible image.  best side is that you don’t have to quit your worldly games to get involved in this one.

This place wants to tickle your mind. And who knows that might open a whole new avenue that you have been searching from many of your past lives.

Knowing the real you makes you play the outer games with ease by performing your duties with utmost potential and without getting involved with them at all.

This place is just to point towards those bunch of flowers whose fragrance never fades away. Although it remains masked with various outwardly deodorants.

Krishna wants you to feel that fragrance, your fragrance. In this life don’t let this fragrance elude you because if this opportunity is lost then who knows that it may remain hidden for how many more lives. At the end this secret has to be known to transform oneself . so why to delay? What we are waiting for?

Shunyo’s birth name is kishlay. he is a dentist possessing qualifications from India and South Africa. He got trained at army establishment. Currently he works for the government and sustains a private practice in india.

One fine day he found a gate and a lane connected with it, and a journey begun. He feels this journey is all about this name ‘shunyo’, that is being zero.

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